Sunday, April 3, 2011

Could the Bruins Win the Conference?

With four games remaining the Bruins find themselves four points behind the conference leading Flyers and Capitals.

The Bruins have four games remaining against the Rangers, Islanders, Senators, and Devils.

The Caps only have three games left in their schedule. Unfortunately they are against weak teams: two games vs. the Panthers and one against the Leafs.

The Caps should win all three games, but I would not be surprised if the Panthers didn't steal one. That would leave them with 107 points. It is not impossible that the Leafs might steal one too. We will have to see.

The Flyers also have three games remaining against the Senators, Sabers and Islanders. The Sabers are clinging tenuously to a playoff spot so this could be a tough game for Philly. But after watching the Sabers play the Caps yesterday I don't know... who plays defense so badly that with time ticking away they let Ovechkin have half the defensive zone to himself and allow him to repeatedly crash the net? Buffalo that's who.

The Bruins should win against the Islanders, Senators and Devils, which would give them 105 points. If things play out this way the game against the Rangers on Monday is the key. If the Bruins win they could end up with 107 points and a tie for the conference title and have a good chance at second place overall. But for that to happen the Bruins have to run the table and either the Flyers or the Caps must stumble. One other thing: if Philly stumbles the Penguins are right on their heels and they could switch places with them. So the Penguins are still in the mix too.

I am hoping the Bruins end up at least in second place. This would be a very good thing in my opinion because I really don't want to see the Bruins play Montreal in the first round. Montreal seems destined for sixth place so they would match up against the team in 3rd. Currently that's the Bruins.

The Habs would be perfectly happy to play the spoiler and then get swept in the second round. If Montreal is indeed good enough, then I would very much like to see them in a higher round--particularly in the Conference final. Just not in the first round.

One way or another the next week is going to be interesting!

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