Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chara's Hit Reckless

First off, when I said a while back that the B's would own the Habs for the rest of this season I was wrong. Very wrong. As others have said the Habs are a tough team and they know how to beat the Bruins. The Bruins are either going to have to be very lucky in the post season or they are going to have to figure out how to beat this team (more than once).

Second, I was (unfortunately) right about the Bruins play heading for a downhill slide. The good news is that they have reverted to their earlier defensive style. The bad news is that once again they can no longer score. Since when is it ok to just dump the puck out of the defensive zone and let the other team attack again? And worse yet--they aren't playing all that well defensively. Once again, the main issue with this team is consistency. May Claude Julien and the Gods of Hockey brings some balance to this team.

Now for Chara. I'm nothing if not consistent in my views on this. Chara didn't intend to hurt anyone. But that's what Randy Jones said. It's what Matt Cooke keeps saying. The bottom line is that the players have to be alert enough not to make the reckless and dangerous play--unless we are willing to sit back and watch the game's best skill players go down one by one, possibly forever.

I'd write more but this guy already said exactly what I was thinking:
Chara avoids suspension for Pacioretty hit

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