Monday, April 11, 2011

In the Meantime

The playoffs are finally here! Well, actually we have to wait til Thursday. It's too soon in my book to start talking about game one. So in the meantime I'm going to squeeze this in.

Dear NHL Scheduler:


Out west the Hawks' season ended with a home and home vs. Detroit. That must have been something to watch with the playoffs on the line for Chicago.

But the Bruins get New Jersey.

In fact, the last four games on the B's schedule were against the Rangers, Islanders, Ottawa, and Jersey. Only one of these teams is a long time rival and only one is even in the same division. None of these teams were recent playoff opponents. And last season both the Rangers and Islanders missed the playoffs altogether.

This is an exciting schedule to end the season on? Seriously?

For goodness sakes, after the way the playoffs ended last year for the Bruins Philly should have been in there. Pittsburgh would have been a good choice. Montreal of course. Buffalo even.

And what about the other playoff teams in the east? Philly ended the season against the Rangers, Ottawa, Buffalo, and the Islanders.


Montreal ended against New Jersey, Chicago, Ottawa, and that powerhouse in Toronto.


Pittsburgh ended against Florida, New Jersey, the Islanders and that powerhouse in Atlanta.

Hit the snooze button already!

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