Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Going Into Game 6

The Bruins went into Montreal and won two games. That was impressive! They won game 5 too, the first home win for a team in this series. For those following in the media this may sound like the Bruins are now dominant in the series and the favorites to win.

Not so fast. Game 5 was one of those low scoring see-saw affairs that went to overtime and somebody had to win. Montreal sat back for most of the game playing defensively and waiting for the an opportune moment to strike. It almost worked.

I expect game 6 to be different. I think it will be more end to end and I expect a higher score--maybe 4-3. The Bruins may well come out the winners. On the other hand if Montreal gets a two-goal lead it could go the way of game one, where the Habs played shutdown all the way to the end.

A solid road victory for the Bruins over a very good and desperate team would be very impressive.

On the other hand, I feel I've seen this movie before. The desperate Habs win game six. Game seven goes to overtime and is won on a fluke bounce of the puck. Speaking for Bruins fans, I think we can agree that we'd prefer them to win tonight.

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