Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bruins Choke (again)

Despite all the changes in the lineup, last night the Bruins looked exactly like the team that gave up four straight against the Flyers in the second round last year. This game was a microcosm of last year's playoffs: the Bruins came out so dominating that everyone wrote the other team off. But they got a little sloppy and the other team began to build momentum. And then they collapsed like a cheap pair of figure skates.

I don't blame Horton. The Bruins were defending a one-goal lead when Horton fought Callahan for the puck along the boards in his own zone. Both Krejcki and Lucic were skating up the ice looking to break out when Horton lost that battle. With Dubinsky in front of the net undefended it was a simple matter to score. Lucic could have played deeper, picking up Dubinsky. But it was Krejcki who made the mistake. Prior to the goal he floated around the slot ineffectively. Then he failed to finish a check along the boards. And finally, he made the mistake of moving toward Horton, leaving the man open in front of the net. This begs the question--can this young inexperienced kid really lead the Bruins top line, and along with it the rest of the team, very far into the playoffs? Or in the end will we come to the bitter conclusion that Marc Savard matters after all?

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