Monday, March 2, 2009

Bruins Get Slap in the Face From Headline Writers

I saw at least two articles about the game against the Caps with a headline about the B's being slapped in the face. Clever, yes, but accurate? No. In fact these two teams are very well matched. If they do meet in the playoffs it will be a series to remember. I'd give an edge to the Bruins 5 on 5 throughout a long series because they have greater depth. But it seems an edge also goes to the Caps for their OT play; they get it done.

With regard to the fluke 70-foot slapper that ended the game--I finally understand that old phrase, "the exception that proves the rule." That never made logical sense to me, but now I get it. It's the one mishap that puts history into perspective. That goal was unexpected and surprising because Timmy almost never lets in soft goals of any kind. Rather than start the "Thomas sucks" chants, as I am sure a few idiots are doing, it reminds us just how well he plays night in and night out; it's the exception that proves the rule.

But I fear that if the Bruins keep starting Thomas in every game we are going to see more of this. A big part of goaltending is mental, and for Thomas it may be even more so because of the intensity he plays with. Whether it be Fernandez, who has looked less than stellar lately, or Rask, Timmy needs to be rested before the playoffs.

I noticed that the B's web site has a poll running. The question is, "If the B's were to make a trade before the deadline, which position should they focus on?" The choices are forward, center, defense, and "they don't need to address anything." Notice what's missing? They left goaltending off the list entirely because there would be no point to it. Long time Bruins fans can appreciate how comforting that is. They say that teams are built from the goal out, and nobody is questioning the foundation of these Bruins today. The way I see it the Bruins have a shot at winning the cup this year, but it's only a shot. I've been around for a while and this story usually plays out with a loss in the final or conference final. The Cup comes the following year when they are truly hungry for it, assuming the team hasn't been dismantled in the off season. That is why I feel that the number 1 job Chiarelli has is to sign Tim Thomas, who will be a free agent in the summer.

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