Friday, February 27, 2009

Bruins Have Ducks in a Row

Another great effort with very sharp play. If the Ducks were an Eastern Conference team they might have known better than to try to intimidate the B's in their own building. The last team to try that was the Stars back fall and they regretted it too.

I wonder what's up with Savard? He missed the 3rd period with an "upper body" injury and is likely to miss the next game as well. He was a target all night and ended his game being thrown down to the ice in a brawl with Niedermayer. But I noticed his play was off right from the start. In the 1st period he uncharacteristically seemed to have trouble finding the puck in front of the net, missed several passes, and in general had difficultly handling the puck. Something was clearly bothering him even then.

And I agree with jimbuff that Looch needs to stop when the other player is down. I am proud of the fact that my Bruins play a clean game and I'd hate to see Looch get a bad reputation. It seemed pretty clear to me what happened last night--for once he got a bit of his own medicine, taking a hard punch to the jaw early in the fight. It appeared to make him so angry that he just unloaded on the guy. Not pretty.

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