Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'm really getting sick of what I read in the papers these days. Recent headlines scream, "What's wrong with the Bruins?" Comments on articles and forums are full of hate for the team or various players on it. You'd think they were in last place!

Get real, people. The only thing broken is the fair weather "fans" lack of faith in the team.

Right now the only thing that truly matters is game 1 of the playoffs. The players know it, the coaches know it, management knows it, and most the fans who didn't tune in only last month know it. Yet it's only natural that everyone is nervous.

Let's say the team losses its confidence just before the playoffs. That's good reason to be nervous.

But how many times have we seen a high-flying team with a big point lead at the end of the season lose in the first round? If the B's were still flying high, I'd still be nervous, and I suspect many others would be as well.

So either way, it's only natural to be nervous. It's how we express this nervousness that matters. Do players tear each other down? Does management pressure the coach into desperate decisions? Do the fans attack the team they claim to love, like a bunch of spoiled rabid children?

I believe that as long as nobody is seriously injured--particularly Tim Thomas--it simply doesn't matter what happens in these last nine games. We are going to remain nervous. And nobody is going to remember them come summer, except maybe a few bitter "fans" who will act like the world came to an end when the B's lose in the conference final (or whenever).

The fact is that no matter what, everything will be reset in game 1 of the first round. Personally, I'm looking forward to it (and trying not to read the papers).

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clydesdalecm said...

The only thing I would add is that everyone's saying that this teams confidence is shaken. If this is the case, then they need something positive to build off of. My take is they can win the Stanley Cup this year, but they need to get meaner and tougher ASAP b/c that is what playoff hockey is all about.