Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trade Day is Over

Once again Peter Chiarelli has shown why he's the guy paid the big bucks (rather than fans and bloggers). The trades he made today improve the team for the playoff run without giving away too much in return. Both acquisitions are rentals which will give him options come summer, and the new players should fit into the room. Always true to his word, that's exactly what he told everyone he was setting out to accomplish. I personally think it's rather humorous that many fans will go with the wildest rumors rather than just take the GM at his word.

Anyhow, here is the big picture on the roster moves (rather than the usual who was traded for whom):

1. The B's swap Lashoff for Steve Montadore at defense. Montador is a solid defenseman who has played every game this year. At least in theory he will be a great fit in the room because he's a Right to Play guy. Both Chara and Ference are big in Right to Play and there will be a natural solidarity due to the fight to get the organization unbanned from the Olympics. Montador travelled to Africa with Ference last summer. He also made it to the cup final with teammates Ference, Kobasew and Yelle. His contract expires in the summer.

Lashoff is a defensemen who has great potential, but he was failing to truly thrive in the Bruins system.

2. The B's swap Karsums and Nokelainen for Mark Recchi at forward. Recchi is that left-shooting forward with experience the B's said they wanted. He will likely replace PJ on the power play, which will likely improve it and definitely make a lot of knuckleheads happy. As for experience and familiarity, Recchi won a cup in Carolina with Aaron Ward.

Karsums and Nokelainen are both promising forwards but both of them had yet to permanently make it into the NHL. There is a chance that one or both will thrive in time and make some wish they hadn't been traded away for a rental, but that isn't a given.

As far as I'm concerned, I really like these moves. Our team improves yet stays intact, and there is every reason to hope that the new blood will inspire the team to get out of it's current doldrums.

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jimbuff said...

Trade day was great! We kept our 1st place team intact and added a couple of players that should help without messing up chemistry.

Huge success!!! I'm happy:)