Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Lesson in New York

I think the reason the Bruins lost tonight was (tongue firmly in cheek) because the Rangers scored seven goals and the Bruins didn't score any. Ba-rump-bump.

I can't really say I was all that surprised. I knew going in that the Bruins can expect real trouble from the Rangers. And the Islanders. And the Thrashers. And the Flyers.

I know that any of the die hard complainers still paying attention will likely be very bitter, blaming Chara, the effort, the coaches, the GM, etc. I thought they gave it a good try. But you don't always win. The Rangers are one of those teams that are much better than they often play, and this night they brought their best.

I've looked at this season from the beginning as a rebuilding effort. Like Lewis I saw them someplace between 7th and 12th place at season's end. There have been so many lessons learned (and a few that weren't). The question in my mind is, can the Bruins learn how to suck it up and beat the Rangers on their next (and last) try? I'll be interested to see.

Meanwhile we have the Habs on my birthday! Incidentally, it will be Robert Gordon Orr's too. I've always said that any win against the Habs is as good as a first round playoff victory (or at least it feels as good). So here's hoping I'm not disappointed!


jimbuff said...

#4 - just read your bio.
You were a young teen in 1971 - this makes you the oldest Bruins' fan I have ever known.
Hell in 1971 I was only 3 years old - I was a young fan then as my 1st installment of Merchandise Monday proves. I don't know if you were reading our blog in the early days but you being an Orr fan will appreciate my 1st two entries - check them out - just click on the Merchandise Monday tag and they all come up. Entry #2 is my most prized possession EVER!!!

number4bobbyorr said...

jimbuff: I called my blog "The Old Bruins Fan" not so much because I am old (which I guess I am, thanks) but because so many of the Bruins fans online seem to write like spoiled two year olds...

I had seen your merchandise posts, and I agree, that print is really terrific!

As for Bobby, I can proudly say that I actually did see him play once. It was later in his career with the Bruins. I saw them play the Kings in LA and they lost.

I'll never forget seeing Bobby break his stick over the boards on his way to the penalty box. My Dad leaned in and sarcastically said something like, "Some hero" with great disapproval. I was crushed. But I know now that Bobby was angry with himself because he felt he was letting the team down. And yes, Dad, that is some hero!

jimbuff said...

Lucky Bastard I never ever saw Orr play. Hell I never even saw Neely play.
As for breaking his stick - this shows a passion for the game. He cared about winning - Savard is the Bruin who best showed it this season. Some people say it is childish but true competitors care about winning and hate losing - sometimes this comes across in not so nice actions.
Just curious - where did you live in Canada? I assmue you are no longer residing in our great nation!

number4bobbyorr said...

I agree about Savard. He was a huge pickup. Ever watch him on the bench before the game? His steely gaze is always fixed into space with this enormous intensity, like he's visualizing himself setting up the first goal.

My wife asked me once why the Bruins had their helmets on backward during a shootout and I started to explain that it loosens them up when the TV showed a closeup of several Bruins on the bench laughing and joking. I pointed and said, "that's why" and she knew exactly what I meant. I am so happy he's a Bruin!

Don't be too jealous. I've only seen the Bruins in person that once.

Growing up I spent a year in Vancouver, where the kid down the street taught me how to hold a stick (I shoot left because of him). During the cup final that year an art teacher stepped out of class for a minute and the class split into two groups on opposite sides chanting, "Bruins" or "Rangers." I was with the Bruins crowd.

I also spent two years in Calgary. I love that town. That's where I learned to skate and that's where I played Hockey. I totally sucked. But those years were life changing. The whole school went to the Gym to watch Team Canada Beat the Russians! I loved Espo too.

My two boys, who are 8 and 6, are now Hockey fanatics. Unfortunately, we live on the top of a mountain in New Mexico, so they don't have a lot of opportunity to play. I do expect, however, that in about four years most kids in the neighborhood are going to be playing a lot of street hockey!

jimbuff said...

Man you are a die hard - the only hockey fan in New Mexico!!!
I live in Canada - Nothern Canada - Labrador - (-45 degrees here right now). We live at extreme opposites but share a common love for the Bruins - small world:)

number4bobbyorr said...

jimbuff: I just want to say that I'm really glad I found you guys at "Ghosts of the Garden." I think we are all kindred spirits.

Doobie said...

Wow #4, you're even more remote in the US than I am! (although it's possible Buff's still more remote in Newfoundland LOL)

jimbuff said...

I live in Labrador!!!

Check a map to actually see how far I really am from Newfoundland.

Don't worry it is a common mistake made quite often even by Canadians.