Wednesday, March 28, 2007

An Embarrasing Win in Ottawa

With most Bruins fans either getting ready for baseball or talking about next year, I thought I'd write a few words about the Ottawa game. The Bruins are following the classic struggling team form by rebounding from a string of losses in important games to beat a hot team, now that the pressure to succeed is gone. Of course, every win from now on in only hurts their draft position, which is pretty funny. Unless you are a Sens fan! Losing to the Bruins at home must have been rather embarrasing!

A couple of notes:

I miss Muzz and PJ. Sometimes I look at the roster and think, "who are these guys?"

It was nice to see Chara smile again.

I think Wideman has really come along in the last few games. He's been hitting more than I expected and he seems pretty good at it.

MacDonald has been a very pleasant surprise. After how poorly Toivanen and Finley fared when thrown into the Bruins defensive grinder he's been impressive!

Jeremy Reich. Wow. Can we order three more of him, one for each line? Please?


jimbuff said...

Real hockey fans don't watch baseball:)
I still like it when they win. I know it hurts their draft pick but I disagree with tanking games. If you are going to play a game you play to win.
You are right - sucks to see Murray and PJ out. The rest seem more like pieces that don't really fit together. The talent is there but the team (chemistry if you will) is missing.

Russ said...

I'm still not entirely happy with the Boyes/Wideman deal, but Wideman has looked better to me the past few games. He's still raw it seems, but you can see he has great instincts on where to put the puck. If he can get it more together in his own zone...

number4bobbyorr said...

Yeah russ, I think we are all just sort of crossing our fingers and hoping on the Wideman deal. Boyes was a lot to give up!

neb said...

wideman has the fourth highest assist total on the team... granted most of these assists came in st louis (he was on their #1 pp i believe). i do not say this to jusify the deal.. because i like boyes. but this team needs guys who can dish the to speak.