Tuesday, March 13, 2007

If the Bruins Made the Playoffs

We may not get the chance to see the Bruins in the playoffs this year. So here's a simulation of what we will likely otherwise miss:

Game 1: they come out befuddled and confused and play poorly. Timmy is hung out to dry by the D. They spend the whole game in the box, including two 5-on-3's that come when Chara shoots the puck over the glass on the PK. It's a humiliating 4-1 loss.

Games 2 and 3: they look like a champion, working hard, playing good strong defense, and scoring loads of goals, including an OT winner. Timmy plays strongly. Both games are wins. Fans start to think they might actually win the series...

Game 4: this is the game they forget to show up for. An embarrassing loss 7-1 in which we see Timmy relieved in the second period after giving up 4 goals in the first. Some dolts think its his fault, but most realize that his team let him down.

Game 5: They play a strong game, maybe the strongest of the series. Timmy stands on his head! But they lose by a fluke goal early in the 3rd when a puck bounces off of Ference's skate. It's a hard loss 1-0.

Game 6: They give it a good effort, but don't play their best. Their play isn't exactly bad, but there's no passion from anyone. It's a 4-1 loss.

There's always next year!

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