Friday, April 18, 2008

Montreal drops the puck: Priceless

Warning: sleeping bear awakened by the drop of a puck. 

What great fun!  What a great gift for the fanbase.  I have a grin five times wider than usual this morning. 

And now the pressing question is this: is Price rattled?  Or will he and the Habs bounce back?  


Jay said...

Love your blog, and yes a HUGE win last night...Marco's shorty blast was a to see them take it to 7 and beyond...slay some of those dragons from 0-13! GO BRUINS GO

Jay in ottawa

jimbuff said...

Keep the faith. Like they were all season, they will battle to the end - I loved this team this year - they have what they were missing last year, HEART!!!

The Price Is Wrong!!!

Zanstorm said...

Answer: the whole Habs team shit the bed!

Game 7 is going to be insane!