Monday, April 14, 2008

Game 2: Some LittleThings Others May Have Missed

I've read in two different places that in Game 2 Tim Thomas let in a softy. I watched the goal in question in slow motion and in hi-def and I am convinced the puck was tipped. It grazed the blade of Gorges stick right in front of Thomas, changing the trajectory without slowing it down. The puck didn't get deflected much, but it was enough. Regardless, if you wanted to place blame it would be better placed on Alberts who knocked himself off his feet and got caught way up ice. And come on people, get real. Anytime a shot is taken when an opposing player is left all by himself driving right to the front of the net you simply cannot hang it on the goalie.

The other thing I haven't read about game 2 is how the B's started the second period so badly. There were matching minors as the first period ended, so the second period began 4 on 4. Whether it was a miscalculation or miscommunication I don't know, but the B's played the 4 on 4 like they were on the PK, going into a passive box in front of their net. I was already yelling at the TV before the goal was scored because you could see it coming from a mile away. Apparently Julien miscalculated. It just goes to show how razor thin the margins are for the Bruins defensively. They aren't likely to score more than three goals on any game, so two defensive letdowns and they may not be able to recover.

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