Friday, April 17, 2009

Little Lost Habs

A good game by the B's last night although they gave me a scare with their lackluster play throughout much of the 3rd period. I did not expect that. But when they finally turned it on, they really turned it on. Overall I was left with the impression that the Bruins could beat the Habs with two lines in the stands and Fernandez in goal.

I loved this quote from Savard after Chara scored the game winner: “Then the monster was waiting back there with his stick touching the roof, so I slid one back and it was a great shot by him.”

But as a hockey fan I was very unhappy with what Lapierre did at the end of this game. Attacking an opposing player after the whistle is forgivable when that player has tried to harm your goalie or taken a cheap shot. But to go after the other team's top goal scorer after he scores an empty netter with no goaltender involved and no contact on the play--that crosses the line. There still is such a thing as being a poor sport. In fact, its one of the reasons that I steer my kids toward hockey. Behind the facade of fighting and rough play hockey is a sport filled with real heroes and upstanding role models. Players still shake hands after a tough playoff series and so far nobody taunts the other team when they score a goal. I would hate to see that change.

To top it off, after the siren sounded Komisarek went after Hunwick and gouged him in the eye! What bothers me most about this isn't how Lapierre and his fellow Habs acted after it was clear they had lost, but that few fans/comentators seem to be speaking out against it. I keep hearing, "that's what you have to expect between the Bruins and the Habs." But if it's ok to attack someone after the game ends just because you lost, then why not in the parking lot later? Can they jump out of the bushes at the guys home too? Where does it end? I think the league needs to consider handing out fines if this happens again. Two tough guys who have been beating each other up all game is one thing, but to go after a goal scorer just because you lost is quite another! That's not being tough. It's acting like a spoiled four year old. Shame on the Canadiens.

Anyhow, in terms of the playoff series what this says to me is that the Habs have lost their way. They know that they are supposed to go out there and intimidate the B's but they don't seem to know how to go about doing it properly.

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jimbuff said...

Habs are totally lost on what to do.
Laraque on 1st line to handle Chara so Koivu and Kovalev can get space is an example. He never hit him with a single check and was useless offensively - he hurt the Habs chances instead of helping them.