Friday, April 3, 2009

Christmas Comes in April

I opened a web page this morning and my jaw dropped in disbelief. I will deny it to the last, but some who were present claim that this die-hard Tim Thomas fan even had a little tear in his eye.

According to the Boston Globe this morning, Tim Thomas has signed a new 3 year deal worth $5.2 million per year with the Bruins.

The one thing that has been bothering me as the Bruins get ready for what could be a long playoff run has been the prospect of Tim Thomas walking away as a free agent this summer. I believe that there is no better goaltender in the NHL and no more important player to his team. At $5.2 million he's a steal. My congratulations to Peter Chiarelli. So many years for the Bruins, so many goaltenders... but this one's the most special of them all.

And nobody deserves this payoff more than Tim Thomas!

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