Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why Losing Twice to the Habs would be a Very Bad Thing

A very, very bad thing. Here's why: if the Bruins don't get any points against Montreal in this home-and-home series, I believe the most likely scenario is that Montreal will use those 4 points to win the conference. Meanwhile the Bruins will likely struggle for the 8th spot. See the problem now?

While playing the hated Habs in the first round of the playoffs would be absolutely historic should the Bruins win the series, history, both in the distant and recent past, says that is unlikely to happen. The Habs are a jinx--one this young team needs to face in it's first playoff series like the proverbial hole in the head.

Tomorrow, March 20, is Bobby Orr's birthday. It is also my birthday. Boys, I'm beggin' ya please, bring us a win!

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