Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pick Your Poison

So last night the Bruins got handed a 10-2 drubbing by the Caps. I hate to say it, but I sort of saw it coming. I forget where, but I kept seeing this headline. It said something to the effect that there were good signs for the Bruins in their OT win against Atlanta. And I kept thinking, "Really?" Because I thought just the opposite. The game against Atlanta had all the seeds of the loss to the Caps. The Bruins had an easy time gaining the zone and setting up for a shot, yet almost all of them seemed to miss the net. It could have been 10-2 Bruins, yet it went to OT. And as the game wore on, particularly after the Bruins tied it in the 3rd, they seemed to run down as a team.

Fortunately I was once again saved from seeing a painful loss because the game was on Versus, which meant it was blacked out on Center Ice. The Bruins are now 2-4 on Versus having had opposing scores of 10, 8 and 6! What's up with that? Is it a Versus jinx? There may be another jinx at work: against Huet this year the Bruins are 0-4. Of course the other losses against Huet came when he was playing for "that team." You know, the team that shall not be named. Against them the Bruins are 0-6 and have been outscored 32-12.

The remaining games of the season are not going to be easy. The Bruins own their destiny, as the teams in front of them face challenges out west while they have the opportunity to beat up on those trailing behind. Every win will take them one step closer to the playoffs and perhaps even a Division or Conference title. But few of any of the remaining games will be easy. They play Huet and co. again on Saturday. Next week brings embarrassed Ottawa and Tampa Bay teams that will be out for revenge. And of course before its all over they will face the unmentionables twice.

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