Friday, February 3, 2012

Steven Harris is an Idiot

Yeah, I know the subject line is a bit over the top. I'm usually more restrained than that. But the guy deserves to be called an idiot for writing this article.

In the article Mr. Harris suggests that the Bruins need to trade someone in order to "wake them up." This after a run of mediocre play in mid-season, something every team goes through, even championship teams like the Bruins; and after a single poor game that came on the heels of an impressive come from behind victory.

If there were an award for jumping ship at the first squeak of a tiny mouse in the hold, Mr. Harris would be a sure thing. It's clear that Mr. Harris doesn't give a crap about the team, the players, or even winning. He just needs something to write about.

After all, you can't get something for nothing. There is cap space to consider and how another player would affect the room. Not that Harris gives a crap about any of that.

I also suspect Harris wants to keep the silly rumors going about trading Thomas. This is his underhanded way to do that because that's what he really wants to write about but his editor knows that everyone is tired of the subject.

About Thomas... anybody out there really watch the games? Statistics don't tell the whole story. Fact is Tim Thomas wins games by keeping the Bruins in it until the end. This is something Rask, even though he has played very well, often fails to do. As they say, it's not just allowing goals but when you allow them. If the Bruins want to win another Stanley Cup, that right there could be the difference.

Perhaps its time the Herald woke up and considered trading columnists.

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