Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Canucks Bullshit

It's been an experience getting to know our hockey counterparts in Vancouver. They are, after all, from that distant land of the West where Bruins seldom tread in these days of a 30 team league.

But before I start crooning, "Getting to know, you..." let me say that the experience hasn't been very positive. The Canucks organization, players, and many of their fans are Bullshit artists, plain and simple. They seem to think that the taunts, dirty hits, bites, forwards riding Thomas across the crease, not to mention the obvious dives, are simply part of Stanley Cup championship hockey. I disagree.

But they have taken things to a whole new level by not merely defending their suspended teammate Rome's despicable late hit on one the Bruins top goal scorers, landing him in the hospital and out of the playoffs. Rather, they have suggested that this was somehow Horton's own fault and that they, the poor misunderstood Canucks, are actually the victims. They have further added insult to injury (and I mean actual injury!) by their theatrical appeal to the NHL over Tim Thomas' standing up against a forward about to run him over.

Not only has all this meant that I, every Bruins fan alive, and I suspect many others watching, have lost all respect for their total lack of class, but I suspect they may pay the ultimate price for it.

You see, apparently way out west the word never got to them about the Bruins. The number one rule when playing the Bruins is simple.

Do not taunt the Bear!

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