Monday, February 7, 2011

Andrew Ference is a Stand Up Guy

Andrew Ference simply told the truth about Daniel Paille's hit on Raymond Sawada. He said nothing that should have been considered criticism of his teammate. Essentially I agree with this post. Paille made a mistake in judgment that got someone hurt. So what? Nobody is accusing him of intentionally trying to hurt anyone.

Don Cherry and Mike Milbury, who criticized Ference for speaking the truth, are paid very well to make hyperbolic statements. The more ruckus they raise the more attention they get and the attention brings higher advertising revenue. They aren't paid to speak the truth. If you watch Milbury closely it appears that he knows full well that he is only doing what is expected of him. He's playing a role. But I think Cherry may have been playing this role for so long that he can't tell the difference between the entertaining nonsense he sputters and what's real anymore.

Anyhow, what I'm wondering is where is Dan Paille in all this? Shouldn't he have been the one saying what Ference said? Why didn't he stand up and tell the truth? The few quotes I have read from Paille seem to indicate that he disagrees with what Ference said. If so, then he needs a reality check. Either he is being baited by the press, who often misrepresent what others have said in order to get a "rise" out of the person they are interviewing, or his character is something less than stellar. If there is any resentment in the room from Paille then I think he needs to man up.

Andrew Ference stands up for what he believes in. He also stands up for his teammates on the ice where it matters most. Ference is one of the most underrated defensemen in the NHL and I think an underrated player by Bruins fans. He is currently +19, trailing only Chara (+23) among B's defensemen. I for one am glad he's a Bruin.

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