Saturday, May 15, 2010

No Deep Analysis Required

In the end the Bruins did play with heart in game 7 of their series with Philly. But like the series itself, they were unable to sustain it. Many will claim the team doesn't have enough talent. Some will make the excuse that Krejci, Sturm and Seidenberg were out with injuries. Others will suggest the Flyers were the better team. But I believe the bottom line is much like last year. The series against Carolina was really lost not in game 7, but when they failed to show up for game 1. This year the series was lost when the Bruins failed to put the Flyers away in games 4 or 5, as a great team would have done.

Like a cat toying with a mouse, if he doesn't kill his prey when he has the chance sooner or later it will escape.


Bruins Dude said...

The mouse didn't get away... it somehow transformed into doberman and tossed the cat around like a ragdoll.

I'm done with the Bruins. They're terrible. This was one of the worst implosions in sports history. And now I have to root for the Flyers so that I can say "at least we got beat by the best team".

NLL Blogger said...

Give up bruins dude we don't need bandwagoners like you