Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rattled and Disappointed

I'm of course disappointed that the Bruins have lost yet another game to the hated habs. But this time it's more than just another loss in a long season. It's the way they lost that really gets to me. The habs are very good, and they played well. But this game was winnable. Forget the messy first period and all the penalties. A bad penalty is at least understandable exuberance. No, what has me really depressed is what happened in the 3rd period.

The score was 3-2 and the B's were gaining momentum. They were dominating and generating scoring opportunities. One hard shift led to a penalty, as hard shifts often do. Here was their big chance to tie the game. But the PP unit came out flat. They looked uncertain, tentative, and unnerved. They looked rattled, almost scared. I couldn't believe it. They made bad decisions and even worse passes. What really got me was that it wasn't due to particularly great penalty killing. It was just their mindset when they skated out. I was yelling at the TV all through it, and when their pitiful excuse for a power play was over the next shift came out the same way. It was quickly 4-2 and the game was over. If they start selling Timmy out regularly like they did on the last goal then this season is going to end up looking just like the last one. No goaltender can stop a two on zero.

For me this was the most disappointing loss of the season so far. It really rattled me. I guess it's because I don't understand it. What happened? Why did those guys get unnerved like that? It reminds me of last year when they would sometimes have a great first period only to come out for the second like they just didn't give a crap anymore. I never did get that.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just in a "glass half empty" kind of mood. Losing to the habs can do that to a fan, I guess. Maybe I should be glad that this is the first time all season that they have turned it on only to collapse when it mattered. Maybe I should assume that it will be a mistake they will learn from and it won't happen again. But that's for tomorrow. Right now I'm just plain disappointed.

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Chris from Cow Hampshire said...

What is frustrating is that they can compete with every team in the East except Ottawa, Montreal and maybe Pittsburgh. They can keep playing Claude's system but need to open it up against these teams. Maybe they lose 6-3 but at least they'd score. I am tired of being down 2-0 against these Powerhouses and not generating any offense early in these games...