Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bruins Crush Flyers in Huge Hit From Behind

Last night the high-flying Flyers of Philly, with recent wins against Ottawa and Carolina under their belts, ran into a buzz saw called the Boston Bruins. The B's outplayed Philly in all areas of the game: hitting, fighting, passing, scoring, defense, and goaltending. The Bruins completely outclassed them. The Flyers, on the other hand, took cheap shots at Bruin players, one of which resulted in Andrew Alberts leaving the game with a head injury.

A class act the Flyers are not.

The sweetest sound I've heard in some time: the Philly fans booing their team while the Bruins dominated them in their own zone. Twice.

The sickest sound: a loud contingent of Philly fans booing as Andrew Alberts finally got to his feet after being knocked unconscious by a vicious illegal hit to the head.

A class act the Philly fans are not.

It's time the league sent a message about these reckless dangerous hits. If that wasn't clear to some people before last night, I hope it is now apparent. It is up to the coaches and ultimately the management to say to their players that these dangerous cheap shots are not to be tolerated. They have clearly failed to do this in Philly and they (the coaches and management) must be held accountable by the NHL before someone gets killed.

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